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Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics

I have been an Assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State since Fall 2009. My research interests are diverse and include topics in statistics education, education research methodology, reliability, engineering statistics and robust statistics. Fifty percent of my time is dedicated to teaching and coordinating sections of introductory statistics classes at the undergraduate level. I also serve as an academic advisor to undergraduate students majoring in statistics.


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  • Jillian Downey
    Statistical Methodology for Education Data
    (co-advising with Mark Kaiser)


  • Bryan Stanfill
    Ph.D 2014
    Statistical methods for random rotations
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CSIRO

  • Laura Hildreth
    Ph.D 2013
    Residual analysis for structural equation modeling
    (co-advised with Fred Lorenz)
    Assistant Professor at Montana State University:
  • Monica Degnan
    MS 2014

  • Takisha Watson
    MS 2013
    (co-advised with Heike Hofmann)
  • Zhen Miao
    MS 2012

  • Josh Bernhard
    MS 2011
    (co-advised with Amy Froelich)
  • Amy Borgen
    MS 2011
  • Bryan Stanfill
    MS 2011

Undergraduate Mentoring

  • Charlotte Mann
    Research Undergraduate Experience
    Summer 2014
  • Lendie Follet
    2011 ASA Data Exposition Challenge

  • Takisha Watson
    2009 Summer Alliance Program
    (jointly with Heike Hofmann)


I enjoy teaching and to get to know my students - so don’t be surprised if I know you by name even if the class is large. Teaching is a passion of mine and I care about every student’s success. I work hard to provide a positive learning experience in the classroom but I expect you to work hard as well.

Fall 2015: Stat 226 - Introduction to Business Statistics I. All materials are available on Blackboard.

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